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The Network Needs Your Help‏

If you’re a loyal reader of this blog, then the Network has probably helped you in some definite, demonstrable way: You found an agent or publisher through our Manuscript Mart. Our critiquing service gave your manuscript the final polish it needed to find a publisher. You won one of our writing contests, or one that […]

Call To Action!

I just received the following Call to Action from ARTS North Carolina.  Please, Network members, take a few minutes to read and heed their call.  The staff of the North Carolina Arts Council has made heroic efforts on behalf of our state’s artists and arts community, and now they need our help.  Tell these legislators […]

The Latest on State Arts Funding

The latest update from Arts North Carolina: The Senate released its budget on Tuesday and the Senate Base Appropriations met on Wednesday to take amendments. The Senate budget calls for a 15% reduction in grants funding to the North Carolina Arts Council, the same as recommended in the House budget. Typically if the House and […]

Call to Action

The latest from Arts North Carolina: Take Action NOW On Tuesday the Senate Appropriations Committee on General Government and Information Technology will begin meeting and will consider funding to the North Carolina Arts Council. It is expected that the Senate will have a budget within the next three weeks. Immediate action is required to communicate […]

The Latest from Arts North Carolina

I received the following from Arts North Carolina today: what happened… We had an amazing Arts Day. On the same day, the House General Government Chair proposed a budget that cut grants programs of the North Carolina Arts Council by 23%. Arts advocates were outraged and wrote/spoke in record breaking numbers. Representative John Torbett supported […]

A More Urgent Call

This morning I received the following message from ARTS North Carolina.  Please take a moment to contact the legislators listed below, especially if you live (and vote) in one of the districts they represent.  Any Network member with questions about state funding for the arts, and how it affects the Network, is welcome to contact […]

Call to Action

This morning I received the following message from Arts North Carolina: North Carolina Arts Council Grants Funding – Take Action Now Arts North Carolina believes that funding for the grants programs of the North Carolina Arts Council is in jeopardy. Emails must be sent by everyone to all members of the House and Senate General […]

More on the Arts in NC

This morning I received an e-mail from ARTS North Carolina, the arts advocacy group based in Raleigh.  I’ve pasted text from the e-mail below, but these figures particularly caught my eye: Our fight is for $6.6 million in grants funding that is allocated to all 100 counties through the North Carolina Arts Council’s grants programs. […]