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Got a Book Coming Out?

Encore magazine, Wilmington’s alternative weekly, is currently seeking books to review in 2016. The plan is to pair a new book with an older companion book in each review. Because Encore is a weekly rag, they’re looking for fifty-two books. The reviewer, friend-of-the Network Gwenyfar Rohler, is interested in reading novels, short-story collections, essay collections, […]

Why You Might Not Want to Trust that Five-Star Review

These days, just about everything gets reviewed online—books, movies, blenders, smart phones, restaurants…. Consumers are better informed than ever before when making a purchase, aided by hundreds of generous strangers who have taken the time to give this product or that product a certain number of stars, leave a snarky comment, or “Like” it on […]

Tuesday Links

I found this story last night in the Charlotte Observer, in which two NCSU professors discuss the state of the Southern accent in Raleigh.  I’ll say more about the Southern voice in the next newsletter, so for now I’ll just mention that this article doesn’t take into sufficient account the fact that there is no […]

Bad News to Begin the Day

I’m leaving in a just a short while for Mobile, Alabama, to show the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance the outstanding books written by members of the NCWN. Before I leave, though, I had to share this bit of bad news that came my way: “Cindy Hamel, media escort in the Raleigh / Durham / Chapel […]