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Does Your Query Letter Do This?

Are you ready to start sending out those query letters in hopes of landing an agent or publisher? Here are “Five Must-Have Elements” of a query letter, courtesy of Ronnie L. Smith, president of Writer’s Relief. 1. Your first lines aren’t trying to be too clever or coy. You understand that agents have seen it […]

Psst . . . your registration is open.

I went this afternoon to the Network’s post office box, where I saw the driver of a red Corvette pulled over for speeding on Town Run Lane. For those of you not familiar with downtown Winston-Salem, Town Run Lane is a short little avenue that runs behind the courthouse, so it’s always crowded with police […]

Post-Fall Conference Roundup

We’ve recovered from the 2008 Fall Conference.  I think.  Maybe.  Anyway, here’s a roundup of links and other bits, some Fall Conference-related, some not: These good folks all talked about the Fall Conference on their own blogs – This writer asks What’s Right With MFA Programs? Karen Spears Zacharias ponders […]