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Please Thank Your Representatives

From our friends at ARTS NC: The NC House of Representatives passed HB97, a bill requiring a credit in arts education to be taken anytime in grades 6 – 12, with resounding bipartisan support in a vote of 110 for and 8 against. Essentially the same language as arts ed bills passed by the House […]

32 NC Bookstores Oppose HB2

The following open letter was signed by thirty-two North Carolina bookstores and three North Carolina publishers. *** To The Honorable Governor Pat McCrory and members of the North Carolina General Assembly, As the owners and managers of independent bookstores, part of our mission is to provide that “third place,” an additional public space other than […]

The Network Needs Your Help‏

If you’re a loyal reader of this blog, then the Network has probably helped you in some definite, demonstrable way: You found an agent or publisher through our Manuscript Mart. Our critiquing service gave your manuscript the final polish it needed to find a publisher. You won one of our writing contests, or one that […]

The One Call You Need to Make

From the North Carolina Center for Non-Profits: Last week, state Senate leaders said their tax reform plan would eliminate your non-profit’s sales tax refunds. Your non-profit also would have to pay sales tax on all services you buy, such as accounting services, legal counsel, and many other non-personnel expenses. This adds up to nearly $1 […]

Call To Action!

I just received the following Call to Action from ARTS North Carolina.  Please, Network members, take a few minutes to read and heed their call.  The staff of the North Carolina Arts Council has made heroic efforts on behalf of our state’s artists and arts community, and now they need our help.  Tell these legislators […]

The Latest on State Arts Funding

The latest update from Arts North Carolina: The Senate released its budget on Tuesday and the Senate Base Appropriations met on Wednesday to take amendments. The Senate budget calls for a 15% reduction in grants funding to the North Carolina Arts Council, the same as recommended in the House budget. Typically if the House and […]

A More Urgent Call

This morning I received the following message from ARTS North Carolina.  Please take a moment to contact the legislators listed below, especially if you live (and vote) in one of the districts they represent.  Any Network member with questions about state funding for the arts, and how it affects the Network, is welcome to contact […]

Call to Action

This morning I received the following message from Arts North Carolina: North Carolina Arts Council Grants Funding – Take Action Now Arts North Carolina believes that funding for the grants programs of the North Carolina Arts Council is in jeopardy. Emails must be sent by everyone to all members of the House and Senate General […]

What a Way to Start a Sunday

The above-the-fold, front page headline staring at me from this morning’s Winston-Salem Journal reads: NONPROFITS’ FUNDING IN JEOPARDY As I said here earlier, all of us in North Carolina have a burden to bear.  It’s easy, though, to place an undue share of that burden on nonprofits, especially nonprofits involved in the arts. You must […]

North Carolina Citizens’ Network

Last week the North Carolina General Assembly received Governor Perdue’s proposed 2011-13 budget, which included a 10% cut in grants funding to the North Carolina Arts Council.  The leadership of both the state House and Senate have said they don’t feel the governor’s budget cuts deeply enough, across the state government, and they may well […]