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Dzanc Book Launches rEprint Series

Courtesy of Publishing Perspectives:  Indy publisher Dzanc Books has launched “rEprint,” a new series of books dedicated to “rescuing lost works of literary excellence from the threat of oblivion.” Dzanc co-founder Steven Gillis said, ““Why limit ourselves to just putting out a handful of print books each year? I wondered. So we had the idea—why not […]

Boom, boom

I have links to two articles I want y’all to read; each of them is, in its own way, such a bombshell about the craft and business of writing in today’s book world that I hardly know what to say. (What, you ask?  No clever comment, witty set-up, deplorable pun with which to frame these […]

New Benefit for NCWN members- Forum for questions

Some of you have used this forum, but just to let you know, the NC Writers’ Network has a benefit for its members that might be of use to you. Once you log in, you can ask the office any question you have, and we will do our best to find an answer for you. […]