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A Network Member in Shelf Awareness

The ‘Book Brahmin’ featured in today’s Shelf Awareness is the Network’s own Pat MacEnulty of Charlotte.  Check out her interview here. by by

Authors Who Experiment, Authors as Animals

I just realized that today’s headline might lead readers to think we’re going to discuss some crazed literary Dr. Moreau, but it actualyl refers to two distinct stories featured in today’s Shelf Awareness: On BoingBoing, Cory Doctorow takes a look at author Diane Duane’s just-concluded experiment with “crowdfunded publishing,” an intriguing idea that may not […]

The future looks . . . bright?

Two articles came my way this morning, both of which suggest that the future of publishing – for writers, at least – may be looking brighter than we thought. On her excellent blog Holt Uncensored, Pat Holt wants editors, not sales & marketing staff, making editorial decisions again.  It’s a worthy goal, but as a […]

So much good stuff, I don’t know where to begin . . .

I’ve found, or been sent, so many good links and other tidbits of interest to writers, I hardly know where to start. Let’s begin with an interview with Ron Rash, the keynote speaker at the 2008 Fall Conference and author of the new novel Serena, from today’s Shelf Awareness: Book Brahmins: Ron Rash Ron Rash […]