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New Outlet for Writers: A Room of One’s Own

This landed in our inbox recently and we wanted to share: A Room of One’s Own is a brand new global feminist creative platform dedicated to publishing content written by women, for women. All around the world, women write blogs that no one ever reads or poetry that they hide in their desk drawer because […]

Boost Your Freelance Career with Gigworker

We live in a gig economy. Everyone, it seems, has a side hustle—perhaps no one more so than writers, who can be notorious for foisting our newest books on friends, loved ones, and classmates we haven’t seen for thirty years. But with so many money-making opportunities—and really, aren’t each of us busy enough already?—it can […]

Self-Published with Representation: a Duality that Just Makes Sense

By Denise Heinze Stop for a skinny minute (or, heck, take a quantum leap and make it fat), and think of all the clichés you’ve ever heard about perseverance in the face of failure. “If one door closes, another opens.” Or, “If you fall off the mechanical bull, get back in the saddle.” That sort […]

The 5 Ss that Will Help Get You Published

by Katey Schultz Flash fiction and flash nonfiction stories are often called “Stories of the Moment” or “Postcard Stories.” Think small, but fun, significant, and engaging. The challenge with flash form writing is how to write a compelling story that feels complete when you only have about 750 words to get the job done. One […]

Twenty Tips for Getting to Work and Writing That Book

Gary Glass, author of Nirvana Plague, recently shared twenty bits of advice for “How to Get a Book Written,” courtesy of the blog Like Fire on Open Letters Monthly. Highlights include: Don’t wait for inspiration to strike. The photographer/ painter Chuck Close said, “Inspiration is for amateurs—the rest of us just show up and get […]

“The World’s Best Grammar Checker”

While I was writing an e-mail yesterday, I was struck by how far automated proofreaders have come. When I typed the proper noun “Obi Wan Kenobi,” which is a character from the Star Wars movie saga, the spell checker recognized it—that is, the spell checker on Microsoft’s Outlook did not underline the name in red […]

Don’t Quit Your Day Job (And Why You May Not Want To)

Many of us have thought, at one time or another, how nice it would be to quit our day jobs and just…write. To wake up each morning with nothing but hours of writing time ahead of us. For many, this is the Dream. But plenty of famous writers never quit their day jobs—and maybe there’s […]

What’s Your 2012 Writing Resolution?

A New Year means the chance for a new, writerly you. What’s your writing resolution for 2012? Do you want to write 1,000 words a day? Join a critique group? Finally begin submitting that story you’ve been working on for so long? Join the conversation on our Facebook event page, and tell us what you […]