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Become a Regional Representative

The North Carolina Writers’ Network hosts regular events around the state thanks to the hard work and dedication of its Regional Representatives.

Regional Reps are volunteers who represent the Network and build literary community within their own communities. They organize free monthly events open to anyone with an interest in creative writing.

“Regions” may vary in size, but usually encompass at least one county. Exceptions include high population areas such as Charlotte or Raleigh, where size and density may necessitate a Rep for certain parts of town.

Anyone interested in volunteering as a Regional Rep must be a Network member in good standing already, with a demonstrated commitment and ability to plan and promote literary events, bring writers together, and further the mission of the North Carolina Writers’ Network.

Each Regional Rep will receive a complimentary Network membership as long as they continue in the role. 

The following guidelines are designed to ensure that all Regional Reps represent the Network and its mission faithfully and effectively. Regional Reps are required to acknowledge, in writing, that they have read and understood these guidelines, and will abide by them.

A Regional Rep for the North Carolina Writers’ Network will—

  • Plan, conduct, and promote at least one no-cost writers’ event per month in your region. (Examples: open-mic readings, discussion or critique groups, readings by featured writers, writers’ gatherings.)
    • Exceptions can be made for regions in which attendance is especially difficult in certain seasons, such as winter in the mountains or summer in a college town.
  • Receive a list of NCWN members in your region, sent each month by Network staff as a CSV spreadsheet.
  • E-mail current members about upcoming Rep events and NCWN programs, using either a free e-blast service such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, or a dedicated e-mail address (i.e., “NCWNRegionalRep@gmail.com”).
    • Reps must commit to using e-mail best practices such as blind-copying member email addresses to protect their privacy, protecting the security of Zoom or other links, limiting attachments to PDFs, etc.
    • We strongly encourage, but do not require, Regional Reps to promote their monthly events through social or traditional media, as well as e-mail.
  • Make sure that the NCWN logo and relevant materials are prominently displayed at your monthly events; that attendees know that the events are sponsored by the NCWN; and that attendees are encouraged to become NCWN members if they are not already.
    • NCWN staff will create & maintain a cloud-based folder with the NCWN logo, event graphics, etc., which Reps will be able to access.
  • Submit notice of your Regional Rep events at least two weeks in advance for inclusion in the Network’s NC Literary Calendar, using our online form (www.ncwriters.org/news/member-readings/submit-to-the-nc-literary-calendar).
  • Send mail@ncwriters.org a report following each event, with the number in attendance, the number of first-time attendees, how much interest you see in the Network, and any other relevant information.
  • Twice a year, provide a brief summary of monthly activities for the Regional Rep Round-Up in the Network’s biannual journal, Highway 64.
  • Avoid any and all fee-based activities or direct sales. No Regional Rep, when acting as Rep, should be involved in any exchange of money.
    • If an author wishes to sell copies of their book at a Regional Rep event, they must coordinate sales with the host venue, or handle all sales themselves. The Rep cannot sell the book on the author’s behalf, or collect any commission on such sales.
  • Welcome anyone with an interest in creative writing, while at all times upholding the Network’s Mission Statement and Code of Conduct.

Any NCWN member interested in volunteering as a Regional Rep should contact Ed Southern, NCWN Executive Director, at ed@ncwriters.org.