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NCWN Institutional Memberships

For annual dues of $150, NCWN Institutional Members would receive:

  • One print issue of the Writers’ Network News, the Network’s twice-a-year newsletter
  • One PDF issue of the Writers’ Network News, to share with your members
  • One subscription to the Network’s Weekly e-Blast
  • Complimentary ad space on our website OR in one of our weekly e-blasts, for a two-week period to be determined by Institutional Member, subject to availability
  • Entry into NCWN writing contests at NCWN member rates for all members, students, patrons, or employees of Institutional Member

To qualify for an Institutional Membership, an organization must:

  • Be a legally incorporated nonprofit organization, government entity, educational institution, or company dedicated to the practice or promotion of the literary arts
  • Have at least six active members, enrollees, visitors, or employees per year
  • Share NCWN announcements and promotions with full membership, student body, audience, or employees in a timely manner

Questions about Institutional Membership should be directed to NCWN executive director Ed Southern at ed@ncwriters.org or 336-293-8844.